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How Our signals works


Apexprotrades(EPF) provide Forex/crypto trade alerts to our subscribers which are trade signals from our experienced brokers. The purpose of these Trade Alerts is to assist our subscribers in making good trading choice while they are learning to help them make profit. At the bare minimum, each Trade Alert provided to our clients will include the following information:

Asset: What asset is the trade being taken on? (For example, GBP/JPY or BTC/USD) Position: What position is being taken? (For example, BUY or SELL) Take Profit: What price will the trade be exited if it wins? Stop Loss: What price will the trade be exited if it loses? Entry Price: What is the current market price at the time the trade was called? Additional Notes: What other important information should I take note of regarding this trade? We take great pride in the transparency that we provide to our subscribers.

EPF makes sure that all of our subscribers are fully informed of the risks associated with trading the financial markets and not just the potential benefits.

EPF is providing investment advice. All trade signals are delivered to all subscribers uniformly but we advise our subscribers to contact us through our email regards to an individual’s trade objectives, financial condition or suitability.


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